A holistic
to prenatal
& postpartum

Our programming is specially designed for those trying to conceive, prenatal and postpartum mamas.

Online or in-studio, classes range from strength training, yoga inspired stretching to movement with babies. Our unique sequence of workouts is proven to help prevent, overcome and heal pregnancy related health matters.

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“I started The Lu Method early in my pregnancy. I found it helped me focus my breathing and my awareness of my pelvic floor. I even did a mama class during early labor. It was a great way to feel strong and ready for what was to come!”


“Lucy is the best trainer/teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve never been to a class where the teacher focuses on pelvic floor strengthening and consistently teaches you proper form until I met Lucy. She also pushes you the right amount where you can do more than you think you can.”


“Such a fantastic postpartum workout with so much cueing as to what you should be feeling/working. An actual great workout, not just a foofy ‘workout’ class w/ baby. I was pleasantly surprised by my first class and I am so excited to come back.”

ClassPass User

Class was challenging but still totally accessible. I felt safe in Lucy’s hands and really enjoyed being able to work out with my baby present. Also loved connecting with other mamas before and after class!”

ClassPass User