we believe
it takes
a village
to raise
a mama

Welcome to The LU Method.

We aim to love, honour and guide you through carefully crafted prenatal and postpartum sessions that build trust in the body, strength in the mind and support for the baby.

Using a holistic approach for every aspect of pregnancy, we offer:

  • Guidance through safe and effective exercises utilizing our signature CORE 3 breath with strength-based programming, mat pilates, indoor cycling, yoga inspired stretching to movement with babies from preconception to the end of the fourth trimester available through Revel Fitness Group and The LU Method e-books.
  • Tools for using your breath to empower your mind and create confidence through mamahood.
  • Preparation for labour and delivery using mindful movement techniques.
  • Proactive ways to prevent and heal complications in pregnancy including but not limited to prolapse, incontinence, hernias, diastasis rectus (abdominal separation) injury, pelvic girdle pain.
  • Strategies to increase your fitness abilities to become more in tune with your pregnancy and aid in a well-planned recovery.
  • Valuable advice on nutrition and sleep to support you and baby.
  • Techniques to care for your infant while recovering from birth.
  • Pregnancy wellness resources through conversations and programs with industry experts from pelvic floor physiotherapists, medical doctors, midwives, nurses, registered massage therapists, pregnancy fitness specialists, lactation consultants, naturopaths, chiropractors and doulas.



Making the decision to try to conceive is a big deal and we are here to provide you with ideas on how to move your body to feel good as you enter a new phase of your life. To compliment movement we will teach you how to use your powerful breath to feel strong and connected to your mind.

Utilizing The LU Method early in considering pregnancy allows you to build a strong foundation to support the body through the constant changes it will go through over the coming months and years. The following are benefits during this phase of our programs:

  • Deeper understanding of how to move while pregnant.
  • Techniques to calm the mind through meditation as early conception can feel like a roller coaster of emotions.
  • Learning how to utilize our CORE 3 breathing to support your body,

Prenatal Mama

Our prenatal programs are uniquely designed to evolve over the course of pregnancy just as you are changing to adapt to a life with your baby. While the workouts are physically and mentally challenging there will be times to soften and feel strength in a new way. You can expect to gain knowledge and an understanding of:

  • How to engage and relax the pelvic floor muscles using our CORE 3 breathing technique which will support your body through pregnancy.
  • Ways to strengthen your upper body and lower body to aid in posture and alignment while pregnant.
  • Various labour positions and delivery methods.
  • How to approach each trimester physically, mentally and emotionally.

Postpartum Mama

Mamahood is officially in full swing and at The LU Method we recognize and honour the importance of feeling good about ourselves after having a baby. The first 3 months, also known as the fourth trimester, is often forgotten but for us it is key to confidence and living a healthy lifestyle. You can consider going through pregnancy and birth similar to an Ironman Triathlon competition, the work is hard but rewarding. Therefore, healing does not happen overnight but with thoughtful movement and mindful guidance being a mama becomes powerful and sweet at the same time. Our team is here to help you reconnect and rediscover your body after birth (vaginal or caesarean) and that includes:

  • Practicing functional movement patterns that prepare you for life with little ones, from lifting to carrying and holding babies in a variety of ways.
  • Using your CORE 3 breath and many other core activation cues meant to improve strength and usage of your lower and upper body.
  • Safely and effectively getting back to running and jumping for those that love to move in that way.
  • Learning good practices for taking care of your body and mind past the fourth trimester.